Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nothing Book

Ever since I was an eight year old mini me, I've spent my summers at Camp Glen Arden for girls tucked away in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  Every May I would anxiously begin my countdown to the days where I would be swimming in the lake, staying up late telling scary stories with my friends, hiking through the woods, and absorbed in a care free world where I could simply be myself.  From appreciating the beauty of a sunset you hiked to see, to watching the fireflies flutter across the sky, Camp taught me the joy of finding beauty in the simple things.  One of my favorite lessons I have taken away from camp is the 'Nothing Book'. May sound pretty insignificant.. a book filled with nothing.  Trust me it is much more than that.  A Nothing Book is a place for me to hold all of my favorite quotes or warm fuzzies as I like to call them (yes, I am aware that I am a cheese ball) in one place.  If ever I have a tough day in which nothing seems to be right, I'll pull out my Nothing Book and be reminded of how I have so much in this world to smile about :)

Hope you are feeling inspired.

xx, Savannah

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead

I am so proud of our Zeta Tau Alpha freshman.  They competed this weekend in the Alabama Homecoming Dance Competition and killed it, receiving the title "Most Creative!"  They really did put in so much hard work from their late night practices to their creepy costumes.
 p.s. their makeup was to die for mwhaha!

Marina, practicing the makeup technique

Final Product

They are creepy and I love it!

Hope you enjoy!

xx, Savannah